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What do architects do for you?

What can architects do for you? Nowadays, the internet makes everything easy. In just a click, millions of possible designs are available with a promise of massive savings and with Do-It-Yourself steps that can be done in 3 seconds. But can people save rather than hire a professional one?

Getting ideas from the internet and expecting them to be easy as copy-pasting is not likely in real life. No two building projects are exactly alike, so there is no single, easy path to follow.

People who choose D-I-Y for remodeling, building from scratch of a home, a business, or whatever purpose it is for, but not knowing how complicated it is to build – until they find themselves lost within the maze of design options, building codes, zoning laws, contractors, and so much more.

Architects are trained to do these things:


1) Architects solve problems in creative ways. With their broad knowledge of design and construction, they can give you alternatives and options that you have never thought of on your own. They can solve complex three-dimensional, functional, technical & aesthetic problems for a living.

2) Architects help you get the most of your budget. They’ll be able to show you alternative options that you haven’t thought of or might not have considered. They will introduce you to construction suppliers that would guarantee discounts and avoid unexpected costs and expenses.

3) They protect you. Designing a house that can stand during good and bad times is a must, but that doesn’t end there. Architects are careful in choosing the people they are going to work with, which results in the assurance of protection from fraud contractors.

4) The ultimate cashback. An Architect considers the orientation, location, and behaviors of the occupants as factors of your operational cost. They optimize the amount of natural light and heating from the sun to help you save on electric bills over time.

5) They are your mentor. Their knowledge of the wide range of materials enables them to recommend the essential materials for your project, and they will educate you on how to maintain them.

Most potential clients are hesitant to reach out to a professional because of financial fear. Our firm designs with your budget in mind and spends more time discussing how to better do it. W. Fusin Architects are not just here to design. We want to help you save time and make every peso worth it. We see the bigger picture. It’s not just giving beauty to it, We want to give you a place that satisfies your functional needs and is an exciting and dynamic space to work and live.

This is what architects are trained to do.

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