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The Ship

The ship anchored on land.

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Noah built it with wood, William built it with steel. Both had God-given talents translating one’s dream into a reality.

Living his dreams as a seafarer who gets to see the other sides of the world, Mr. Romil Paguntalan decided to build a unique house that would showcase his hard work as a seaman.

The hardships on the ship became a way for his family to have a good life. Mr. Paguntalan and his family endured their loneliness away from each other, so he wanted to build a house where his family can feel like they are all in the same boat rowing to a good life.

With Architect William Fusin’s talent and skill, his dream ship is about to dock into reality.

Just like the biblical story of Noah building a boat in the middle of the dry land, many had their eyebrows lift wondering if it’s even possible.

It’s already 2020 and the possibilities in construction are just a thousand folds better than what Noah used to have. They started planning until they had a beautiful concept of a houseboat.

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They started the construction last October 2020. William gave his attention even to the smallest detail of the project and was hands-on with each of the laborers resulting in satisfying results.

Indeed from draft to the map. Today, it is on 70% completion but is already livable. The smiles of the homeowners as they look at their new house are heart-warming.

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This boathouse experience is one of the reasons why good architects are a need in life, they are like a genie in a bottle making your wishes come true. There are just people who listen to your dreams and will help you make them a reality.

We are excited to share more photos and updates about the completion of the Ship house of Mr. & Mrs. Romil Paguntalan in Miag-ao real soon.

Here at W.FUSIN architects, We support the impossible, We support the unique, We support you. “

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